Blackberry Juice

The buzzer rang out through the silent apartment,

Peering down from the above balcony, I spied his form,

He swam in his black leather jacket, long hair tied to his neck,

Tight denim jeans clinging to his calves, a lit cigarette.


His gloved hands gripped tight on the handlebars,

We took to the narrow street and speed towards the cities edges

Words rushed to my mind, adrenaline filled my veins,

I held on tight, streamlining wind begged my body to let it drag me off.


Smeared blood, the gravel tried to swallow me whole,

I laughed it its face, mocking its every attempt,

One hand found his pocket, the other rested high on his right thigh.

Underneath that darkened helmet I calmly chewed a piece of gum.


The edges of Spain rose up all around us,

Each corner slid my hips closer towards his pelvis,

At 150KM per hour we were young, stupid and free,

The speed made us foreign to the surrounds of the soft rolling mountains.


I didn’t recognise myself, I had nothing to loose nor gain,

Stripping down to my white lace underwear, I waded muddy ground,

The water was cool, causing my hair to stand upright,

He watched on from the bank, long hair cupping his angled face.


The expansive lake swallowed me whole in one swift gulp,

Smiling below the surface, I twisted and throttled in excitement,

My hands found their way to my creamy thighs, resting just below the steam,

The ecstasy rushed through my nerves and took over my mind.


On the bank I shimmied back into my skin-tight pants,

Chewed on the skin of an apple and offered a bite,

He fondled strands of my loose golden hair,

His parted lips throbbed with desire as my tongue found his neck.


A few steps in front of him I held tightly onto the helmet,

Blackberry bushes lined the edges of the rocky path,

Picking a handful I filled my jacket pockets with them,

I slipped two in his mouth at a time, the juice streaming from his lips.


Brushing his hair behind his ears, he mounted the bike,

Dark helmet covering those light blue eyes, he could be anybody,

The light brushed against the mountain crests, distantly snow-capped,

Cold icy air gripped at my lightly covered thighs as tightly as his hands.








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