Sunday Morning

Lavender infused honey,

Freshly made banana pancakes,

Burnt brown at the edges,

Edith, Doris or Luis sweetly serenade,

Bowls of the sweetest blueberries,

Two shoed, two bare- four feet,

An empty bottle, La Rioja,

Pickles from the jar,

Browned avocado and breadcrumbs,

Scruffy hair, a lace bralette,

An open window,

Plump reddened cheeks,

Orange juice or floral tea,

Two bananas- pealed and sliced,

Dish soap, warm bubbles,

Falling heavily, inescapably,

Deep brown eyes, shades of the east,

A chin rested on my right shoulder,

The curve of two hips,

The slide of ten fingers,

A whisper, come hither,

Wooden handled broom,

Grey water saturated mop,

An old orange crate full of laundry,

Glass jars of water, stainless steal straws,

Your winter coat strung up high,

Eyes peeled on the news,

The exchange of a glance,

Interlocked eyes, salsa or waltz,

Tea stained table cloths.



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